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    UFP課程考試的意義 UFP嵌入式課程為學生的生活做好了準備,幫助他們培養好奇心和持久的學習熱情,幫助他們變得自信,負責,創新和上進,為應對未來世界的需求做好充足的準備,有能力為未來塑造更美好的世界。這就是為什么UFP課程考試機構成為英國眾多大學打開大門的原因。
    • Jennie 菲律賓 愛丁堡大學 市場營銷和管理
      “I really enjoy the friendly environment here. The tutors are approachable and helpful whenever we get stuck at a certain point in our projects. We get a lot of support from our tutors, whether it’s on projects or portfolios. This course has definitely prepared me for more intense tasks ahead at university.” Jennie from the Philippines


    • Karim 埃及 愛丁堡大學 建筑藝術與設計
      I choose this course because I want to optimize my portfolio to apply for a British university. I learned a lot from my teacher. They focus on the abilities and potential of each student and help us develop our skills, techniques and understanding, and I could not have received better support.


    • 錢宇昆 中國 曼徹斯特大學 會計學


    • 劉涵 中國 倫敦國王大學 國際管理


    • 游昊 中國 布里斯托大學 生物醫學


    • Stepan 俄羅斯 倫敦藝術大學 美術
      I came here to live and study with people from different cultures and to learn about the future of modern art. Making my portfolio was a great experience. I realized that it's very important for artists to not just talk about your work. This would not have been possible without my mentor!


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